We have been thinking about what to wish you on this month’s break, for some forced for others highly desired and for others still skipped.

And here we come with :

5 things to give up

  1. guilt about taking a break
  2. inability to pull the plug
  3. the need for control
  4. fearing change
  5. negative self talk

1 only reminder

Ferragosto has ancient origins.

Ferragosto is a holiday of ancient Roman origin, celebrated on August 15 in Italy, San Marino and Canton Ticino. Ferragosto day is traditionally devoted to out-of-town trips, barbecues, picnic lunches and, given the seasonal heat, refreshing swims in swimming pools, sea, river or lake waters. Also widespread is the exodus to mountain or hillside locations in search of refreshment.

The term Ferragosto comes from the Latin phrase Feriae Augusti (Augustus’ rest) indicating a holiday established by Emperor Augustus in 18 B.C. that was in addition to the other holidays falling in the same month. It was a period of rest and celebration that originated from the tradition of the Consualia, festivals celebrating the end of agricultural work, dedicated to Conso, god of the earth and fertility. The ancient Ferragosto, in addition to its obvious purposes of political self-promotion, was intended to link the main August festivities to provide an adequate period of rest, also called Augustali, needed after the great labors expended during the preceding weeks. [Taken from Wikipedia]


5 things to do

  1. Unplug
  2. Let’s rest
  3. Enjoy family and friends
  4. Let’s enjoy nature culture reading and whatever
  5. Do sports 😉

+ 1 above all let’s have fun!

Buon ferragosto – Happy August 15th to everyone!