Simone Moro and Alex Txicon, together with all their team, announce the anticipated conclusion of the Manaslu expedition.

This was the fourth attempt to climb the Nepalese mountain in winter for the mountaineer from Bergamo.

This was the fourth attempt to climb the Nepalese mountain in winter for the mountaineer from Bergamo.

Bergamo, February 9, 2022 – Simone Moro and Alex Txicon, together with their entire team, announce the early conclusion of their 2021/2022 winter expedition that included the ascent of Manaslu (8163 m.), the eighth highest mountain in the world, and the Manaslu Pinnacle (7992 m).


“Today we are using this sunny day to pack everything because it is already starting to snow tonight and will continue tomorrow and the day after,” declares Simone Moro. “The problem is that you can’t really go beyond Camp 1. Up to Camp 1 you can easily because it is protected, but after, when the real climb begins, the danger of avalanches is high and the wind is a real problem. If the weather remained stable we could also try, but it continues to snow. Today, all together, with the Sherpas, the climbing parteners with whom we shared this experience, we looked reality in the face and decided to call it a day. Even this fourth attempt of mine was not enough, and today I can say that I have spent exactly one year of my life here on Manaslu”.
I always said “we won” and “I lost.”

Simone Moro

This was Moro’s fourth attempt and, like the precedenti, the winter expedition to Manaslu in January and February was an attempt at a modern revisiting of two great climbs of the past.

Simone Moro has to his credit 23 winter expeditions on various mountains and regions of the planet, thus relaunching the attention and the winter exploration of the 8000m peaks, after the fantastic season of the first ascents carried out by the Poles in the 1980s. Only he so far has accomplished 4 first ascents of 4 8000 meter peaks in complete winter season: Shisha Pangma 8027 mt in 2005, Makalu 8463 mt in 2009 and Gasherbrum 2 in 2011, Nanga Parbat in 2016.

During the expedition, Simone Moro was accompanied by his sponsors:

The North Face, La Sportiva, Camp-Cassin, Garmin, Gruppo Autotorino Spa, DF-Sport Specialist, Acerbis Sport, Somain Italia, Intermatica, Altitude Helicopters, La Manta Foods and Fra .Mar.